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Lovingly called Peanut for as long as she can remember, Lyric Meadows is used to being overlooked. She uses ceramics to escape the high expectations of her parents. It also keeps her from having to tell them that she’s asexual, thereby disappointing them twice because she has no intention to work in music like they want or give them grandchildren. It’s not easy to conceal a part of who she is, but she’ll do it if it means maintaining some privacy.


As the son of controversial politician Richard (Dick) Sherwood, the paparazzi is always up in Luca's business, just waiting for a scandal to blast all over social media. Unfortunately, Luca’s brother Rider does have something to hide, and it is something that could destroy their father’s career if the public ever learned of it.


Lyric and Luca are an unlikely duo with far more in common than they think.


One day, all of Lyric’s work at the studio is shattered by an apparent vandal. Devastated, she begins to wonder if her parents were right all along and she should just settle for singing. That is, until Luca volunteers to help her figure out the vandal’s identity. Her resulting romantic & sexual attraction to him is startling, but she’s going to need all the help she can get once she learns that the person who destroyed her artwork may be closer than she thinks.

Find You There

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