Like many millennials, my writing career began with fanfiction. It was a stormy night in October 2008 when I decided that I wanted to be a published author one day. In the meantime, fanfic gave me the opportunity to stretch my creative muscles and work out crucial lessons in the craft. I spent several years writing for free, which helped me understand the realities of the writing world early on.

Once I got to college, I did the one thing that most advisors tell you not to do: I majored in what I was passionate about. ​After graduating from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania (#GoBears!) with a degree in Professional Writing, I took a year off and then enrolled in a double Master's program.


In the 3.5 years that have followed, I dedicated myself to learning as much as I could about all areas of writing and publishing. ​Nowadays, I'm a part-time medical receptionist, self-published author, Medium blogger, and podcast host. I live and work in Philadelphia, PA, USA.